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As with any organization, it is important to have some general guidelines and expectations. Our policies and procedures are designed to create a safe environment for players, coaches, and families who participate in our program. As Co-Founders, we reserve the right to make modifications to the policies and procedures. Should that be necessary, an updated copy will be provided to each player and family within the organization.

More importantly, we are excited that you have chosen to be part of the Carolina Hornets United. We look forward to the season ahead.

Brian Mobley & Adam McGuire

Carolina Hornets United Co-Founders


General Policies and Procedures

All team fees are to be collected in total by the designated date, which will be communicated upon acceptance of an offer letter. The organization will work with families and players to set up a payment plan when available. If a player has not paid their team fee in full by the start of the season, the player’s eligibility to play in a tournament is subject to the Co-Founders’ discretion. No refunds will be given at any time. 

Uniforms and basketball shooter tops are expected to be washed and cared for in the best possible way. Any player who loses either a uniform (jersey and/or shorts) or a shooter top will be expected to replace it at a fee of $50/per item. Any player who leaves the team during the season or is not returning for the following season, is expected to return their uniform within 3 days of letting the organization know they are leaving. Any uniform that is not returned is subject to a fee of $300, payable within 7 days. 

Practice is important for the overall development of a player and team. It is expected that every player who commits to the Carolina Hornets United will make a reasonable effort to attend all practices. Attendance at practice does not guarantee playing time. Should a player not be able to attend practice, it is expected that the player communicates with their Coach directly about the absence prior to the scheduled practice. 

Paperwork, including birth certificates and report cards, will be requested at the start of each season for eligibility purposes. 

Any complaints, objections, concerns, etc. from parents or players are welcome to be addressed with coaches. However, the Co-Founders of the organization request a 24-hour window before those conversations occur. Violating this policy will not be tolerated. 

For practices and games, it is expected that players are on time. For practice, 10 minutes early is considered on time. For games, Coaches will communicate their expectations for arrival. 

Any player or coach that shows conduct not representative of the organization, is subject to potential disciplinary action directly from the Co-Founders. If a coach is also a Co-Founder, any disciplinary action taken will be subject to the other Co-Founder and at least two additional Board members.

All gym space is a privilege, and it is expected that players, coaches, and parents maintain the cleanliness of all gyms in which the Carolina Hornets United practice or play in.

The organization will maintain liability insurance.

Every season is a new season. Players are not guaranteed a spot on the team based on prior seasons. 

Players and families are asked to participate in all fundraisers for the organization to the best of their ability. Fundraisers for the organization will go towards the entire program’s needs at the discretion of the Co-Founders and/or Board members.

Co-Founders and Coaches reserve the right to close practice at any time. 

Co-Founders reserve the right to request any Carolina Hornets United fan to leave the gym or tournament at any time. If individuals associated with the Carolina Hornets United create an issue that impacts any coach, team, player, fan, or parent from any team participating in a tournament, they will be asked to leave the gym until a more suitable time to discuss the issue can occur. Co-Founders and at least two Board members will attend any such meeting.

Co-Founders reserve the right to remove any player from the team on either a limited or permanent basis at any time.


Player Responsibilities

Players are expected to give their best at practice and games. This includes being supportive of teammates, giving a full and best effort, being respectful to coaches, and showing positive attitudes.

Players are expected to represent the organization both on and off the court. As a member of the Carolina Hornets United, players are looked upon in the community as examples. Our expectation is that all players are an example to those around them, during and in the off season.

Players are not permitted to play for any other girls travel basketball program while they are playing for the Carolina Hornets United. Should there be questions, parents and players are asked to communicate with the Co-Founders. 

Players that utilize social media while representing the organization are expected to be positive, supportive and responsible towards not only themselves, but to their teammates as well. 

During practice and games, players are expected to remain with their team. It is not acceptable to leave the bench without notifying your coach. 

Every player in the Carolina Hornets United program is required to maintain accidental and medical insurance that covers any injuries or sickness.

Any player that participates in an NCAA Live Event (as determined by the season schedule) is expected to register with the NCAA and obtain an NCAA ID number. 

Players are expected to dress appropriately for practice and as determined by the coaches for games and tournaments. 

Players are expected to follow all policies and procedures.


Coaches Responsibilities

Coaches will be subject to USA Gold License Basketball ethics and training, including background checks.  

Coaches are expected to represent the organization both on and off the court. As a member of the Carolina Hornets United Family, coaches are looked upon in the community as examples. Our expectation is that all coaches are an example to those around them, during and in the off season.

It is expected that practices will be planned by coaches in an organized manner to develop both the players and the team.

Coaches are expected to dress appropriately and professionally for tournaments. Standard coaching attire is acceptable. Items such as hats, flip-flops, or any other unprofessional attire determined by the Co-Founders is not permitted.

Coaches are expected to follow all policies and procedures.


Parent Responsibilities

Parents are expected to be supportive of all players, not just their own, during practices and games. It is critical to the success of each team that parents make positive comments about all players, coaches, and tournament staff. 

Parents are asked that if other children are brought to support a player, those children are always being supervised. It is important to the safety of players that other children stay off the court during practice and games. 

Parents are not allowed to come to the team’s bench during a game or during practice, unless otherwise directed by the coach. 

All parents are asked to attend meetings that are requested by either the Co-Founders or Coaches.


Parents are expected to follow all policies and procedures.

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